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Learn Christmas Carols with Music in Our Homeschool

It’s almost that time of year – I’ve started marking time on my calendar for cookie baking, holiday meal prep, and family get-togethers. We have so many family holiday traditions that we look forward to every year. One thing we’ve never done together as a family though is Christmas caroling. We’ve gone with our Girl Scout Troop but never sat down to learn Christmas carols and sing as a family. This year we are using the Christmas Carols Made Easy course with Gena Mayo and Marcia McCarry over at www.musicinourhomeschool.com.

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Learn Christmas Carols with Music in Our Homeschool

Who can learn from Christmas Carols Made Easy?

This course is great for anyone ages 9 and up and includes bonuses great for 3 years old and up! Everyone in the family can easily learn together using self-paced lessons. The videos are very straightforward and easy to follow along.

If you have any musicians in your family you can even sing and play together using the included accompaniments. It would be such a fun way to learn new Christmas songs together.

learning Christmas carols

Even if you have no prior singing background, like me, this course was very easy to follow and understand. I’m actually very excited to learn more about Music in Our Homeschool’s other courses and how we can incorporate them into our homeschool lessons.

What’s included in Christmas Carols Made Easy?

The video course is all online with the option to print any of the music or lessons if you’d like.

There are 11 songs in the course that include:

  • sheet music
  • vocal demonstration audio
  • vocal demonstration video
  • instrument accompaniment audio
  • coloring sheets
Learn Christmas Carols with Gena Mayo

You also get some bonuses with the course:

  • 5 Christmas songs from Singing Made Easy Levels 1-5  ages 3 and up
  • Christmas Song Lyric Sheets (for 14 of the most popular Christmas carols and songs)
  • “Twelve Days of Christmas” pages includes color and black/white so you can color your own!
  • “Twelve Days of Christmas” Sing-Along video 

Some of the songs are even in other languages! I love this about the course because it will give us an opportunity to learn about Christmas in other countries. There are two in Spanish, one in German, one in Italian, and two in French!

For each song, you’ll get access to the sheet music, audio demonstrations and accompaniments, and videos. You can even download the audio to a device to make it easy to take with you to holiday parties or out caroling with your family.

Christmas Carols Made Easy

Watch this video to learn more about what’s included in the Christmas Carols Made Easy course. This video shows just how easy it is to navigate inside the course as well as all the resources that are included in the course.

More singing lessons from Music in Our Homeschool

The Christmas Carols Made Easy course is the final course in the Singing Made Easy curriculum from Music in Our Homeschool. If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-follow singing program for your family or to use in your homeschool, check out this 6 level series that is perfect for beginners with no prior experience!

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